Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about CPECB.

What is CpECB?

CPECB or Computer Engineering Certification Board is an SEC-registered organization whose main purpose is to give certifications to graduates of the Computer Engineering program to the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines.

What are the certification programs being given by CpECB?

CpECB gives two types of certifications: Certified Computer Engineer (CCpE) and Professional Computer Engineer (PCpE). CCpE is given to those CpE graduates with less than 10 years of professional practice while PCpE is the certification that can be given to those with at least 10 years of professional practice.

How can a CpE graduate obtain the CCpE status?

A graduate of the CpE program can obtain the CCpE status by taking and passing the certification examination to be administered by the CpECB.

Who qualifies for the PCpE status?

A CCpE with at least 10 years of professional practice can qualify and apply for the PCpE certification. PCpE is a non-examination certification program of the CpECB. Applicants need to satisfy the criteria to be set by the CpECB before they can be awarded the PCpE status.

What is a Grandfather’s Rule of CpECB?

For a limited time, CpECB will implement the Grandfather’s Rule or GFR. GFR is a program wherein qualified applicants for CCpE and PCpE can be accorded such status without taking the examination, however, they need to satisfy certain documentary requirements.

Where can an applicant send the application documents for GFR?

All GFR applicants can send their documentary requirements electronically through

Where can an applicant pay for the application fee?

Application fee for GFR, either CCpE or PCpE, can be paid through bank deposit or bank transfer to the following:

Bank: PNB UE Recto Branch

Account Name: Computer Engineering Certification Board or CPECB

Account Number: 166070006103